What is Soca Music

What is Soca Music, This material is designed specifically for people who are new to this kind of music called soca. As an artist he recorded the songs soca for the last eight years, and who has won competitions at Caribbean soca, I humbly try to present a comprehensive introduction to soca music.

Soca music born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. It is widely accepted that it was created by Lord Shorty (born Garfield Blackman). He noticed that Calypso music has been threatened by the most popular reggae music and die out and attempted to create a new hybrid that was more appealing to the masses. He merged with Indian music, calypso music, and this resulted in a hybrid more energetic called solka, who later became known as soca. Lord Shorty introduced soca in the world in 1973 with his hit song, Indrani.

Of course, the soca music of the 1970s is very different from what exists today. Today, there are two main types, namely power and Groovy Soca Soca. What is the main difference between the two?

Power soca music is very fast, with about 160 beats per minute. The music is largely didactic in nature. Soca artists thrive on motivating the public to respond to their dancing instructions. Soca music power is largely skipping music, waves and "vino" ("wine" derives from "wind" and the word is a type of dance which consists of hip movements). Crowd reaction is essential.

Trinidad soca artist, Superblue has been credited with starting the craze "jump and wave". His success with this style of soca was so amazing that since soca songs are written with crowd response in mind.

Today, the challenge for power soca singer-songwriters is to write songs that can move the audience, but it cannot be a regurgitation of jumping and the theme of waves. This isn't the easiest of tasks due to the very nature of the festival that soca music revolves around. Soca music is largely the music of Carnival. Since the Carnival is all about jumping and flailing, the music that drives should be able to generate such activity. Increasingly, artists are able to write songs that are not necessarily based on "jump and wave" or waving flags and rags. In an attempt to stay clear of monotony, themes such as love, peace and solidarity were very common.

Groovy soca music is undoubtedly a means better to push music soca forward internationally. Is much slower, about 115 beats per minute. This newer type of soca allows a wider range of topics to cover. Unlike total frenzy that power gives rise to soca, groovy soca is music to sway and dance slowly. Artists like Kevin Lyttle and Rupee have shown that this type of music is very attractive to traditional musical markets, with international hits like "Turn Me On" and "Tempted To Touch", respectively. Another artist who has gain international recognition with Groovy/crossover soca is Barbadian based artist, Alison Hinds.

I believe that in a hurry and groovy soca music should continue to co-exist. The ready to accept all variations of soca and put anyone against each other. The music is dynamic. Throughout history no kind has never stayed the same and hybrids are constantly created.

In addition to the power and groovy soca, other types of soca music include ragga soca soca and chutney.

Ragga Soca is a fusion of dancehall and soca music. Ragga soca performers include Trinidians, Bunji Garlin and Maximus Dan.

Chutney soca is a blend of East Indian music, chutney and soca. Chutney Soca is an up-tempo, rhythmic style of song, accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments like dholak, harmonium, and Tax the dhantal.

The dividing line between the various types of soca music is becoming less and less clearly defined. Sometimes it can be very difficult and controversial pin-point what is groovy, power, or ragga soca. There is so much the merger in place which is often difficult to tell if a song is actually a soca song. For example, some have argued that Alison Hinds hit song, "Roll It Gal" is not actually a soca song, but an R & B song with influences of the West Indies. Although I'm not holding this point of view, goes to show that there are clear distinctions and definitions. Soca music, like other forms of music is an art and cannot be limited to one specific or exclusive mold.

Soca music is mostly competitive. Every year artists try to outdo each other in contests of Carnival, as Soca Monarch and the road March. Soca monarch competition artists to perform before a large audience and are rated by a panel of judges. A road March song is the song that

Definition of Traditional Music and Modern Music

Regional Music / Traditional

Folk music or traditional music is the music that was born and developed in areas throughout Indonesia. Characteristic of this kind of music teletak on the song and instrument (musical instrument).

Musical traditions have distinctive characteristics, namely poetry and melodies using the language and style of the local area. Indonesia is a country made up of thousands of islands stretching from Papua to Aceh.

Many of the island along with people are born, grow and develop. Traditional art which is identity, identity, media expressions of community supporters.

Almost all parts of Indonesia have khas.Keunikan art of traditional music can be seen from his playing technique, presentation and form / organologi musical instruments. Almost all traditional arts Indonesia has a high collective spirit so that it can recognize the distinctive character of the person / people of Indonesia, which is friendly and courteous.

However, since the ditinggalkanya denganperjalanan time and spirit of the traditional art, we karekter increasingly changing from nature that upholds the values ​​of togetherness individual / selfish. so many artistic traditions of the Indonesian nation, in order to more easily recognize it can be classified into several groups: musical / percussion instruments, stringed and friction.

Modern Music

Modern technology is considered to be a touch more civilized and more advanced, while the more traditional social bound to be functional in a society that supports a culture.

But if we compare two instruments are almost the same shape we categorize them into two opposing groups, the modern and the traditional, such as taganing (drum-chime) Batak Toba with Bongo.

If we talk about the ingredients organologi, perhaps there are some differences from natural ingredients with the results of material processing machine. But in terms of technology may not have been so much different because both can be in tune because taganing also is melodic.

Perhaps accordeon and violin are usually played in Sumatra Malay art Ronggeng Timurdi compare French accordeon player, which is usually called traditional Malay Ronggeng and deals in France is categorized as a modern instrument, how do we see it?

Perhaps electronic musical instruments such as electric guitar with a wide range of possible effects compared to Kacapi Sundayang also already know the effect and electrically, but still in the realm of traditional, is perhaps another example of how we categorize the traditional with the modern instrument. Though all undergo a process of each in the keyword earlier changes. Triangle and Hesek are equally pecussion the basic ingredients are also probably about the same.

Variety of Music in Asia

Variety of Music in Asia. Talking about Asian music, we will always look at the instruments, melodies, and rhythms. In music, the instrument refers to the sense associated with musical instruments. In general, musical instruments in Asia does not stand alone. This is in contrast with western musical instruments such as piano, guitar, or violin that can be played alone. Exercise control of western musical instruments always starts with the individual activity. While Asia has always played music together. Despite this particular instrument playing techniques such as gender, harps, tambourines, tahyen, samisen, and Trigon also need to understand yourself.

Asia is the continent with the most populous country and unique. People around the world call it oriental or eastern continent. Asia music is different from western music. Asian continent has a variety of types of music that developed in each country. Broadly speaking, the music in the State of asia grouped into four. Fourth melayu music is music, oriental music, Hindustani music and middle eastern music.

1. Malay music
Countries that enter into the clumps Malay among them Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam. The main characteristic is the use Malay musical instrument membranophone or traditional drum that produces touch cormorant and dancing.

2. Oriental music
Oriental countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. In the most prominent oriental music is string instrument (stringed instruments and strings) with local pentatonic scales.

3. Hindustani music
Hindustani music is the most dominant of the State of India and Pakistan. Hindustani music is easily recognizable from tabla rhythm instrument. Dai Indian Tabla drums are in the form of a pair of drum shaped kendil, played with the touch of fingers and palms.

4. Middle Eastern music
Middle eastern music between Klain qasida. Qasida is the song that breathed melodies rooted in Islamic songs middle east (Arab). Presentation of the songs middle east using a set of tambourine accompaniment. Songs qasidahberdasarkan traditional scales of the middle east. Stairs have tone diatonic scale tone and content of mikrotonik tones.

4 Music Secrets That Will Change Your Life

4 Music Secrets That Will Change Your Life, Have you ever thought about why you love music? Did you ever consider maybe there are things more beautiful is happening inside of you than just your listening pleasure while singing with one of your favorite songs? I want to share with you 4 ways to make changes miracle of life uses music to heal the body, calm your mind and change your life. So read on this article and collect some of your favorite songs so that you can experience the power of the healing process in your life simply by using a musical.

Miracle No. 1:
In your brain, there are various levels of brain wave activity, and each has a different response to the type of music you listen to.

Beta waves occur every day when you're doing your daily activities. Some kind of music you do not like or interfere in your brain can also cause the condition you are in a state of beta waves.

Theta waves occur during the process of relaxation or meditation and produce a highest creativity. The sound waves can help and bring you into a state of creativity to the peak.

Alpha brain waves occur when you are in a state of awareness and calm.

Don Campbell the author of "The Mozart Effect" to explain that the slower brain waves, the more you will feel a deep relaxation. Only by using the music you listen to, changes in the activity of your brain waves will occur. Select music that can enhance well-being in your life and your creativity.

Miracle 2:

Positive and negative emotional responses generated by the music you listen to will determine what happens in your brain. Positive emotions can increase dopamine which gives you a feeling of euphoria joy and positive expectations. The chemical reaction that you experience when listening to a song that is positive, will greatly affect all other body systems such as the immune system, cardiovascular system and nervous system. Just by listening to the music there will be a process of healing in lowering systolic blood pressure. and this method has been used in rehabilitation centers and treatment around the world for this purpose. Who knows positive music is very influential in our body?

Miracle 3:

When you sing, your breathing process settings to be stable and your lungs will be cleared. Blood oxygen will be stabilized and can strengthen your lungs. You may already be aware that the singer can release your pent emotions. Sing a song that resonates, you can completely change your perspective and can enjoy the pleasure and creativity very high.

Positive song makes your chest and your head be more relieved. You can experience this condition by observing the sensations in your body while listening to different types of music preferences. A vibration energy generated by the music to flow through your body, by focusing on your breath and breathe settings through the lower abdomen. Now exhale firmly when you sing your favorite songs! then you will feel the sensation of the deepest and be more energetic.

Wonders to 4:

There is a great power that is contained in the words that you speak of a song. Consider the lyrics of what you are listening to and what you sing, because you would imagine that what you sing as if you are in a position similar to what you are singing.

Sound strange? Consider the lyrics of a song as a musical affirmation. You will bring your life into the mood of the song is available. Surviving in impregnating a song that emphasized the strong affirmation that will increase your memory power, and there is a magic recipe that you can practice: the recipe for a real transformation in your life! Repetition in singing a music that incorporated into your subconscious mind will help the brain to create a new neuropathways nerves in your brain. Amazing and really happening! Singing to the accompaniment of affirmation using affirmations is a powerful way to increase your motivation and make you better in your life right now!

Whether you're up, go to bed, in the car, refreshing or other activities, music is the most powerful health tools that can heal the body, calm your mind and change your life. The opportunity is yours right now, choose the song you like to change your life for the better.

This is the power of music, there is a technology that is specially rirancang to alter brain kesaran conditions for certain effects, please click the link on the right side of this page, where the fit you want.

Music, art and perception

Music, art and perception, I often have this experience patterns, a study room, a practice some of my students who practice it or melody, and they will be fixed at a certain time and can't seem to understand why they can not come. You tell me,

"I practiced it 100 times, but I can't seem to get it into my head."

I ask them: "What do you mean, get it in your head?"

You respond, "Yeah, I seem not to understand what is going on in here!"

I ask: "do you hear what you play,? If you could hear it, then you can play it."

The German language has a different name for music. It is also called "Music" - literally "Sound Art".

I tell students that this shows that it, music, through the ears, not the eyes must be perceived, as it is the case in Visual art (painting, sculpture, etc.) still conscious thinking (literary arts).

The ears do not have a way of "understanding" the eyes or intellect. You may be aware, the situation something completely illogical on the paper looks - "wrong" notes melody that fit, not to a chord or chord structures int he uses, that you can not imagine, one should sound good - but when listening to what on paper, your eyes say that it is not only a good sound, but perhaps it is the logical choice to notes or chord. Yes, you can fool your brain.

You can also fool your eyes.

My favorite hobby is the martial art of Wing Chun. In Wing Chun there are exercises or exercises Chi Sao or "sticky hands" called. They are exercises to your sense of touch sharpening. Why? As in a real life situation, if you are attacked, you can be too slow on your eyesight alone, or is misleading. The exercises help you "read" an enemy movements, to predict how and where he will move next.

Perhaps it is, why is there so much focus on ear training in music? Most definitely!

This is the reason why I was on the development of melodic / motivic skills, instead of focusing on chord / scale theories of improvisation? Absolute.

The ear rules!

Everything stands or falls according to what the ears to dictate us. If it looks good on paper and sounds horrible - it's horrible!

The judgment always in nature, of course, is subjective, and that's ok. Your ears can only on what he knows to judge - it experiences - your musical experience. Enhance your musical experience / awareness and will become a better judge your experience and better performance.

As Thelonious Monk, developed his game and style of composition, many of it he sounded constantly playing wrong notes. But as he continues with the conviction that to play

Music art in perspective

Music art in perspective, As a cultured person, you can enjoy all the Arts: dance, music, and graphics. So why not two or three of these in a piece of art? If your special love is Opera, a portrait of a diva or even by a spear holder in the choir, contribution to the genre brings memories of entertaining and exciting nights at the Opera. You could Commission a new piece or a framed poster of a particularly memorable night, either you would decorate the urge with which technology makes sense, satisfy. The dance offers a rare combination of the arts, the background of a graphical representation of the challenges of painting is a backdrop while the music offers a place for the dancers the interpretation of the piece. Meet an abstract painting of a ballet would any traditional enthusiast's dream.

Moving along the popular end of the musical scale, provides a dimension of music, jazz the wild and free-form, a perfect topic for a piece of abstract art. Do you listen to jazz and remember a blaze of colour with pear-shaped sounds? Then becomes a canvas with a Jackson Pollock-inspired technology fall would show your interests, as well as the ability to reach the standard of the painting and into the realm of the sublime. Jazz has also a fantastic and fully realized story, and a portrait of the great Louis Armstrong as he blows his trumpet for eternity could be in your home, to remind you of the great performers of the jazz. Also, Billie Holiday would make with her trademark flower in her hair remember the all sufficient influence of jazz, from his home here in the United States to the range and outside of Europe. Jazz is an American art form that we can be proud of.

You're in the rock music, all the way from the classic Beatles and the rolling stones on the latest from Lady Gaga. Posters of their concerts offer a way to make their services at a certain time, that freeze period of their career, that is the most important. If you enjoy the early Beatles, a painting of the famous arrival scene at her first American concert would base a perfect idea for a work of art. And if your taste in the direction of their later work, perform a simple white could make a statement for irony or even parody, consisting of framed canvas album-based piece from a completely white. (Of course, you will need a title plate for her confusion to avoid and the attention to your wisdom!) Music art offers endless possibilities to decorate and take your home with charm. Even choose, for every room provide topics, say, a ballet theme for the master bedroom, an elegant modified framed display of the Opera title with its kind, a new font for the living room and eat a jazzy painting in the kitchen, Serenade, how you morning eggs, toast and coffee. Actually the entire kitchen could a cafe like, just the look you want, because it is in a coffee house, that the experts at after a performance of the ballet, Opera, or in the downtown jazz concert to stop. Your home will radiate your artistic sensibility, if you include music art in your facility.