Definition of Traditional Music and Modern Music

Regional Music / Traditional

Folk music or traditional music is the music that was born and developed in areas throughout Indonesia. Characteristic of this kind of music teletak on the song and instrument (musical instrument).

Musical traditions have distinctive characteristics, namely poetry and melodies using the language and style of the local area. Indonesia is a country made up of thousands of islands stretching from Papua to Aceh.

Many of the island along with people are born, grow and develop. Traditional art which is identity, identity, media expressions of community supporters.

Almost all parts of Indonesia have khas.Keunikan art of traditional music can be seen from his playing technique, presentation and form / organologi musical instruments. Almost all traditional arts Indonesia has a high collective spirit so that it can recognize the distinctive character of the person / people of Indonesia, which is friendly and courteous.

However, since the ditinggalkanya denganperjalanan time and spirit of the traditional art, we karekter increasingly changing from nature that upholds the values ​​of togetherness individual / selfish. so many artistic traditions of the Indonesian nation, in order to more easily recognize it can be classified into several groups: musical / percussion instruments, stringed and friction.

Modern Music

Modern technology is considered to be a touch more civilized and more advanced, while the more traditional social bound to be functional in a society that supports a culture.

But if we compare two instruments are almost the same shape we categorize them into two opposing groups, the modern and the traditional, such as taganing (drum-chime) Batak Toba with Bongo.

If we talk about the ingredients organologi, perhaps there are some differences from natural ingredients with the results of material processing machine. But in terms of technology may not have been so much different because both can be in tune because taganing also is melodic.

Perhaps accordeon and violin are usually played in Sumatra Malay art Ronggeng Timurdi compare French accordeon player, which is usually called traditional Malay Ronggeng and deals in France is categorized as a modern instrument, how do we see it?

Perhaps electronic musical instruments such as electric guitar with a wide range of possible effects compared to Kacapi Sundayang also already know the effect and electrically, but still in the realm of traditional, is perhaps another example of how we categorize the traditional with the modern instrument. Though all undergo a process of each in the keyword earlier changes. Triangle and Hesek are equally pecussion the basic ingredients are also probably about the same.