4 Music Secrets That Will Change Your Life

4 Music Secrets That Will Change Your Life, Have you ever thought about why you love music? Did you ever consider maybe there are things more beautiful is happening inside of you than just your listening pleasure while singing with one of your favorite songs? I want to share with you 4 ways to make changes miracle of life uses music to heal the body, calm your mind and change your life. So read on this article and collect some of your favorite songs so that you can experience the power of the healing process in your life simply by using a musical.

Miracle No. 1:
In your brain, there are various levels of brain wave activity, and each has a different response to the type of music you listen to.

Beta waves occur every day when you're doing your daily activities. Some kind of music you do not like or interfere in your brain can also cause the condition you are in a state of beta waves.

Theta waves occur during the process of relaxation or meditation and produce a highest creativity. The sound waves can help and bring you into a state of creativity to the peak.

Alpha brain waves occur when you are in a state of awareness and calm.

Don Campbell the author of "The Mozart Effect" to explain that the slower brain waves, the more you will feel a deep relaxation. Only by using the music you listen to, changes in the activity of your brain waves will occur. Select music that can enhance well-being in your life and your creativity.

Miracle 2:

Positive and negative emotional responses generated by the music you listen to will determine what happens in your brain. Positive emotions can increase dopamine which gives you a feeling of euphoria joy and positive expectations. The chemical reaction that you experience when listening to a song that is positive, will greatly affect all other body systems such as the immune system, cardiovascular system and nervous system. Just by listening to the music there will be a process of healing in lowering systolic blood pressure. and this method has been used in rehabilitation centers and treatment around the world for this purpose. Who knows positive music is very influential in our body?

Miracle 3:

When you sing, your breathing process settings to be stable and your lungs will be cleared. Blood oxygen will be stabilized and can strengthen your lungs. You may already be aware that the singer can release your pent emotions. Sing a song that resonates, you can completely change your perspective and can enjoy the pleasure and creativity very high.

Positive song makes your chest and your head be more relieved. You can experience this condition by observing the sensations in your body while listening to different types of music preferences. A vibration energy generated by the music to flow through your body, by focusing on your breath and breathe settings through the lower abdomen. Now exhale firmly when you sing your favorite songs! then you will feel the sensation of the deepest and be more energetic.

Wonders to 4:

There is a great power that is contained in the words that you speak of a song. Consider the lyrics of what you are listening to and what you sing, because you would imagine that what you sing as if you are in a position similar to what you are singing.

Sound strange? Consider the lyrics of a song as a musical affirmation. You will bring your life into the mood of the song is available. Surviving in impregnating a song that emphasized the strong affirmation that will increase your memory power, and there is a magic recipe that you can practice: the recipe for a real transformation in your life! Repetition in singing a music that incorporated into your subconscious mind will help the brain to create a new neuropathways nerves in your brain. Amazing and really happening! Singing to the accompaniment of affirmation using affirmations is a powerful way to increase your motivation and make you better in your life right now!

Whether you're up, go to bed, in the car, refreshing or other activities, music is the most powerful health tools that can heal the body, calm your mind and change your life. The opportunity is yours right now, choose the song you like to change your life for the better.

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