Variety of Music in Asia

Variety of Music in Asia. Talking about Asian music, we will always look at the instruments, melodies, and rhythms. In music, the instrument refers to the sense associated with musical instruments. In general, musical instruments in Asia does not stand alone. This is in contrast with western musical instruments such as piano, guitar, or violin that can be played alone. Exercise control of western musical instruments always starts with the individual activity. While Asia has always played music together. Despite this particular instrument playing techniques such as gender, harps, tambourines, tahyen, samisen, and Trigon also need to understand yourself.

Asia is the continent with the most populous country and unique. People around the world call it oriental or eastern continent. Asia music is different from western music. Asian continent has a variety of types of music that developed in each country. Broadly speaking, the music in the State of asia grouped into four. Fourth melayu music is music, oriental music, Hindustani music and middle eastern music.

1. Malay music
Countries that enter into the clumps Malay among them Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam. The main characteristic is the use Malay musical instrument membranophone or traditional drum that produces touch cormorant and dancing.

2. Oriental music
Oriental countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. In the most prominent oriental music is string instrument (stringed instruments and strings) with local pentatonic scales.

3. Hindustani music
Hindustani music is the most dominant of the State of India and Pakistan. Hindustani music is easily recognizable from tabla rhythm instrument. Dai Indian Tabla drums are in the form of a pair of drum shaped kendil, played with the touch of fingers and palms.

4. Middle Eastern music
Middle eastern music between Klain qasida. Qasida is the song that breathed melodies rooted in Islamic songs middle east (Arab). Presentation of the songs middle east using a set of tambourine accompaniment. Songs qasidahberdasarkan traditional scales of the middle east. Stairs have tone diatonic scale tone and content of mikrotonik tones.